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How do I withdraw funds?

Private Clients: For faster processing of your request we recommend to use the Withdraw Cash tool available in the Account menu of the SaxoTraderGO, SaxoTrader platforms. 

  • In SaxoTraderGO the tool can be found by navigating to: Account > Cash Transactions> Withdraw Cash

If you have made a withdrawal in the past, and have opted to save the beneficiary details as a template, you can select the saved templates in the “Apply existing template” dropdown.
This module is dynamic – upon selection of the Country, the module will decide which beneficiary account details are used in the country in question. If the country operates on IBANs, an IBAN will be requested by default. However, you have the option to use a National Clearing Code and Account Number by clicking on the “Don’t know your IBAN?” link. If the country in question does not operate on IBANs the module will default to the National Clearing Code and Account Number.
Once an IBAN (or, if selected, the National Clearing Code) has been entered, the module will automatically look up the SWIFT BIC code, as well as the Bank Name. The latter will be displayed beneath the SWIFT BIC field, and cannot be edited – it is for information purposes only.
As Saxo does not allow payments to be made to Third Parties, the Beneficiary Name and Address details cannot be edited – they will default to the client name and address registered at Saxo.
If the receiving bank has asked you to use an Intermediary Bank, you can enter the Intermediary Bank SWIFT BIC under Advanced Options.
If you hold an account with a Regulated Broker, you can transfer your funds directly to your account at the Regulated Broker by entering the Broker Name and your Account number at the broker under Advanced Options.
  • In SaxoTrader the tool can be found by navigating to: Account > Cash Management > Withdraw Cash

Corporate Clients: Please find following a link to the Funds Transfer Request Form required for withdrawing funds from your Saxo Bank A/S account: Transfer Request Form.

The completed, signed form can be returned to us either via:

a) Scanned and emailed to
b) Submitted via the SaxoTraderGO: Account > Contact Support

Corporate Clients under Saxo Bank A/S can have the Withdraw Cash tool available on the trading platform. In order to have it enabled please fill the form attached to this article and submit a scanned copy by creating a request:
  • login to your SaxoTrader platform and go to Account > Contact Support
  • login to and go to Account > Contact Support


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